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    Guess who is back and trying to make this shop a success? That would be me (meisSheandsheISme)🙊🙌🏽🙉. #KIBMELANIN is on it and I do hope that you’re ...
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    Currently under construction while I work on new projects for you!   #KIBMELANIN
  • LOVE

    For instance:  First Lady Michelle O.  Though she is perhaps one of the most intelligent women to ever have served alongside her husband in the white house, she also has a level of character that elevates her to a higher sense of calling.  Why just avidly watching the First Lady for 8 years angered so many people simply because of who and what she is.  
  • #wearyourword

    O Taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man that shall trust in him (Psalms 34:8 JUB).  AND know this.  The Lord is good and his truth endures forever. So, with that being said, remember the seat that he has prepared for your enemies. A footstool isn't all that comfortable to sit on for a long period of time, but your feet? Now that's Grace!  

    August 7, 2019. 


  • #Wearyourword


    Free my captives.  Does this sound familiar?  I decree and declare that the children and adults, the men, women, and children who are now being held in the "concentration camps" throughout the 50, therefore be released in the name of Jesus.  Father GOD I pray that you send your war Angel Michael in to fight the battle that you have already won for us, your people.  I do not know why this group of people has decided to rear the ugliness of what my country 'tis of thee' represented in the past.  I have no intention of going back to that area of hatred and bigotry.  

    I think there is only so far that a lie can go.  And being as I am a daughter to the KING of heaven and earth I decree and declare that people stop believing the lie and that all those who are seeking asylum at this very hour be delivered from their oppressor in the name of Alpha and Omega, AMEN.




  • #SpiritualActivism

      The Sword of the Spirit is one heavy deal, isn't it?  Indeed it is when utilized in doing the will of GOD.  The armor of GOD is something that we...

  • Ain't No Love in White Supremacy

    This is one thing that U can understand and believe!  No matter where U go this will always be good to know, There ain't no love in white supremacy.  

    For some, the usage of the word "monkey" or the usage of the image of a monkey or ape and bananas has always hurt individuals of a certain race.  I admit that my usage of monkeys, apes, and bananas will always be a symbol of beauty for me.  Why?  The last time I checked all animals were created by a higher power and if the theory holds true for some, we are all in the same jungle, monkey.