Ain't No Love in White Supremacy


I don't hate you but I certainly hate what you're doing, especially if what you do keeps you from the love of GOD.  Does this sound remotely familiar to you and yours?  Dude and dudettes the problem I have with hatred? It's how the hatred is directed towards people which annoys me.  It does not allow me to hate the individual per se.  That would make me a hypocrite. For me?  I take the scripture Romans 3:23 to mean just what it states:  For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD.  Therefore, I cannot pass judgment on others because of what they may be doing.  You see, I too was a sinner, and it was the Blood of Jesus which cleansed me and made me whole. So, instead of picking and choosing what my human flesh may hate when it comes to individuals in the world, I've decided to spend my time confronting hate via #Spiritual_Activism.